We offer engaging and customizable training solutions to help your supervisors and employees thrive.

Supervisor 101 Series

Based on feedback from clients, we developed a series of 2-hour workshops that can be delivered virtually or in-person. Supervisors told us that it is easier to step away from their office for a 2-hour training session instead of a half or full day course. Each session is customized to include your organization’s policies and processes. As a result, it is highly relevant. We suggest offering workshops as just-in-time training. This helps your supervisors implement tools and processes right away. Plus, you can mix-and-match workshops based on your current needs.

Anti-Harassment & Respectful Workplace

This session helps employees understand acceptable vs. unacceptable workplace behavior.

In this interactive session, participants learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. As a result, this workshop is suitable for all employees. In addition, we even offer an additional module just for supervisors. The workshop has an emphasis on real-world application.

Learning Objectives
  • Defining & differentiating between workplace bullying, illegal harassment and sexual harassment
  • Talking about the effects of inappropriate behavior and what to do if it occurs
  • Walking through your policies and procedures
  • Discussing each person’s individual responsibilities
  • Applying new learning throughout the session
  • Most importantly, committing to how we each can foster a respectful workplace free of inappropriate behavior

Effective Hiring Practices

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.  That is why behavioral interviewing is so important to your hiring process.

This interactive 2-hour training session educates supervisors on today’s hiring landscape. During the workshop, we prepare them to lead interviews in a way that leaves the candidate feeling good about your company. This is critical whether they are selected or not.

Learning Objectives
  • Introduce two important terms:  candidate experience and employer brand 
  • Describe your recruitment philosophy and process 
  • Introduce a simple interview framework focused on behavioral questions
  • Create an interview template for one position on each supervisor’s team
  • Practice interviewing and get feedback

Building Effective Teams

With some effort and awareness, supervisors can build highly effective teams.

This engaging and fun training session focuses on building self-awareness to create effective teams. Before the workshop, each participant will complete the VIA Strengths assessment. That will be used to explore how we can build even more effective teams.

Learning Objectives
  • What is a team? How can we have more effective teams?
  • What are VIA Strengths? How can we benefit from using our strengths?
  • What are “High Quality Connections” and how can we use these to improve our culture?
  • What will we do differently to use these tools in our organization?

Introduction to HR

Supervisors are often unaware of their legal and administrative responsibilities related to HR.

This workshops provides an overview of the different areas of Human Resources. It is designed to help new supervisors understand their legal and administrative responsibilities. As a result, supervisors will examine challenging employment scenarios throughout the session. Then they will provide recommendations as well as learn best practices for addressing problems early. In addition, we focus on helping them recognize when to get help.

Layoff Meetings

With a little preparation, supervisors can conduct layoff meetings with confidence and compassion.

This just-in-time training is available on demand. It was created based on the need to help supervisors learn how to run a layoff meeting. Supervisors will learn 3 critical steps to effective meetings: preparing, conducting and communicating. In addition, they will learn to handle this difficult conversation with confidence and compassion. Finally, we’ll even provide a customizable sample script. This helps supervisors stay on point.


Onboarding is the process of helping employees learn how to successfully become a part of your organization.  This includes the 4 C's: Culture, Connection, Clarification and Compliance.

In this interactive workshop, we will differentiate between two terms that are often misused and misunderstood – orientation and onboarding. Supervisors will leave with your company’s overall onboarding program. They will also begin developing a 12-week customized onboarding template for their department.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the benefits of effective onboarding
  • Explore the 4 C’s of Successful Onboarding: Culture; Connection; Clarification; and Compliance
  • Introduce your company’s onboarding program and processes, which we can also help develop if needed
  • Discuss each stakeholder’s role in effective onboarding

Performance Reviews

Supervisors who prepare for the annual review process have more highly engaged and productive employees.

This workshop teaches supervisors how to conduct an effective performance review and lead the goal-setting process. For maximum benefit, it should be held right before your annual review process begins. In addition, all employees go through a companion session to learn how to prepare for and get the most out of the process. We even customize the training based on your review process.

Learning Objectives
  • Discussing why we do reviews
  • Explaining your performance review and goal-setting process
  • Covering your review cycle and the current year’s timeline
  • Discussing how to prepare for and conduct a review meeting
  • Introducing types of rater bias
  • Explaining your rating system along with practical examples on when to use each rating

Total Rewards & Recognition

Supervisors who are educated on total rewards are more likely to have engaged and productive employees.

This interactive training session begins with an explanation of “Total Rewards.” Supervisors learn that employees needs go beyond basic compensation and benefits. We explore other areas including work-life effectiveness, recognition, performance management and talent development. We then take a deep dive into recognition. This helps supervisors do a better job giving employees the type of specific and meaningful recognition they desperately want and need.

Learning Objectives
  • Define what encompasses “Total Rewards”
  • Define recognition
  • Explore different types of recognition
  • Discuss how to give effective recognition
  • Share ideas on how to improve recognition programs at your company