HR Services

HR Consultants of Denver offers a full spectrum of HR services.  This means we do everything from basic employee handbook creation and compliance, to developing strategic and innovative solutions that will help you attract and retain employees over the full employment lifecycle. Below is a sampling of our strategic offerings:

Candidate Experience

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Think about an outsiders view of the candidate experience with your company.  How are applicants treated when they interact with your company?  What does your online presence say about working there? How much time and money are you spending on finding and keeping talent?  How much effort have you given to crafting well written job postings?  Where are you looking for talent?  Need a tune up? We provide insight into proven best practices used to land one corporation’s spot as one of the Talent Board’s top 50 companies in the North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards.  Our HR services team will also educate you on how you can leverage sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to maximize your online employer brand.

Employee Engagement

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You have tried everything to increase employee engagement to no avail. Your annual engagement survey is stale. Every year it is the same old story…get results, action plan, and then wait.

There is a better way! We suggest ongoing measurement using one of the many fantastic pulse survey tools available because it allows you to focus on steady, incremental improvement. As a side benefit, you’ll catch issues early and be able to respond to your employees concerns in real time. In fact, using this type of tool, we were able to help one client maintain an engagement score of 7.7 out of 10 during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Let our HR services team help you put together an engagement strategy that works. After all, you’ll get immediate ROI, since we know from research that engaged employees are 2-3 times are productive.

Employer Branding

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A project focusing on employer branding seems out of reach. However, you are concerned about the comments and ratings on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. The executive team thinks your attorney should just be able to squelch these comments, but alas – these opinion sites are standing firm.

Not to worry. We can help you find a way to move forward by identifying your employer brand which you can use to ensure you are attracting the right people. After all, if your organization demands hard work and long hours, you are not going to want to attract slackers. To be strategic, you must paint a picture that tells the real story. This helps the right candidates apply, those who will fit nicely into your culture.

Identifying and leveraging your employer brand is not as difficult as it sounds, especially when you work with people who understand how this all ties neatly together. If you are curious how you can differentiate your Employee Value Proposition from the competition, reach out for a free consultation today.


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There seems to be a steadily revolving door at your company. You feel as though you can barely get someone new up to speed before another person leaves. You know from Exit Interviews that your company is not doing as good of a job training new employees as it could be. To boot, you don’t have time or the budget to spend on fancy onboarding platforms.

Our HR services team can help! We use a framework to build your program around the 4 C’s of onboarding: Culture; Clarification; Compliance; and Connection. There are checkpoints built in engaging all major stakeholders. The best part is that it is simple and easy to implement. You don’t have to spend a fortune or invest a lot of time to make sure that your new employees have a great start. Let us help you build a program that will “wow” everyone, while also helping employees become productive sooner, contributing to your bottom line and giving you instant ROI.

Performance Management

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You and your leadership team are frustrated because your performance management program is not adding value. It’s hard to get anyone to do their reviews, let alone do them well. Managers are treating this as a check the box activity, if they even complete them at all. Your leadership team is frustrated because they are investing way too much money into a program that doesn’t have any measurable ROI.

This is why some companies are abandoning the annual performance review in favor of more frequent informal conversations with employees.  We are a firm believer that the most important part of the evaluation process is the conversation.  Employees want to feel valued and heard.  They want to understand what is needed to advance and grow.  

Let our HR services team help you design a simple and effective process that aligns with your culture, incorporates goal-setting and drives engagement – thus driving productivity. We can even help you create just-in-time training for employees and managers to ensure that your review process has consistency and expectations are set for both all stakeholders.