Five Minutes a Day That Changed My Life

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Let’s be honest, the pandemic has forced many of us to slow down and take stock in many respects. However, my attempt to slow down started a few years ago.  During a tough time in my personal life, my neighbor, Colleen, gave me a copy of “The 5 Minute Journal.” I stuck it on my nightstand where it collected dust for nearly a year.  Fast forward to the start of my new business. I felt a bit lost…ok, I felt completely lost! I picked up “The 5 Minute Journal” and started using it each morning while I had my inaugural cup of coffee.  I was completely surprised by the difference it made.  The simplicity of the journal is great for a lot of reasons, but one I love the most is that is incorporates acknowledgement.  

I decided that my acknowledgments would be the same every day. My plan was that they would remain so until I mastered or “became” them.  I started using the journal sometime in May of 2018.  That August, I started attending a women’s entrepreneur group in my neighborhood. It was there that I realized the power of intention. One of the women in the group was Sarah, a successful and well-established accounting business owner.  She has more gusto that anyone I’ve met.  At the end of the 2nd meeting, Sarah and I were walking out together.  She said something that changed me…She said, “I just feel like you are going to make it.  I find you so confident and approachable.”  My jaw dropped!  Would you believe that my daily acknowledgements at the time were “I am confident, resilient, and approachable!”  This was a pivotal moment.  It wasn’t like a lightbulb had gone off, but more like a bolt of lightening stuck.  I couldn’t believe it…I was becoming my intention.  Almost 2 years later, thinking of this is still encouraging.  

In the journal there’s a section on each page where you answer the question, “What would make today great?” Later I started noticing that whatever I wrote down came to fruition. My answers to “What would make today great” now actually make each day great.  I encourage all of my coaching clients to use “The 5 Minute Journal.”  My challenge to you is the same…find yourself a good journal and start using it each morning while you have your 1st cup of coffee.  Let me know in a few months how it has changed your life!

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