Career Coaching

Imagine that it is one year from now and your life is exactly as you want it to be.  What has changed?  How did you get from HERE to THERE? If this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, don’t despair. Career coaching can help.  Through structured reflection, we’ll work together so you have clarity bringing focus to the areas needing the most immediate attention.  More importantly however, we will establish priorities and goals to help you get from HERE to THERE.

Please know that you CAN have more of what you want out of your life and career.   Working with a trained career coach is a game-changer.  Here are some of the challenges where we have helped clients succeed:

Build a Thriving Life

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You are stuck in survival mode. You long for more…
more fulfillment, a deeper purpose, and more enjoyment out of life. You struggle with finding happiness and contentment. This is where a coach can help. Using science-based positive psychology techniques, we will develop a plan of action to help you become the person you long to be personally and professionally. With goals and accountability built in, you will take the steps needed to have a thriving life.

Career Transitions

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You know that you want to make a change, but aren’t sure where to begin. This seems like a huge step. You have been doing your job for years and find yourself restless and unfulfilled.  The money is great, the people are great, but like the song says, you “can’t get no satisfaction.”  You find yourself daydreaming about where the grass is greener.  This is where a coach can help you get clear about your goals and priorities.  We will explore possibilities that will allow you to choose a plan of action that fits your goals and dreams.  This allows you to move forward in a positive way.  You will also find more purpose and fulfillment by aligning your values with your work.

Recent Grad

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As a recent grad, life can be exciting while at the same time leave you feeling uncertain.  Perhaps you have started your career only to realize that the day-to-day challenges of full-time work are more difficult than you imagined.  Or perhaps you have discovered that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t fulfilling.  

If you find yourself at a stage where you are unsure about what to do next, coaching can help.  You are not alone.  Trust that with time and reflection,  it is all going to work out fine.  We will work on a plan to clearly determine where your career aligns with your values and where it does not.  Then we will explore other possibilities and dream big.  What do you want your life to look like in 5, 10, and even 20 years?  We will work towards building more values alignment into your work life.

Emerging Leaders and High Potentials

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You are a high achiever always on the fast track.  You have climbed the ladder of success.  Yet, as an emerging leader, you find yourself at a point where you are stuck. However, you know that to reach your full potential, you must evolve. 

As a starting point, we will work together with those who are critical to your success to create a comprehensive view of your strengths, as well as the areas that are holding you back.  This isn’t a shortcut to success, more of a boost in self-awareness. With this insight, you’ll be able to overcome perceived and real obstacles.  We’ll create a plan to help you get to the next level with accountability and support.

Growing Family

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You have worked hard to get where you are, but you also have a family you love and value.  You could be a new mom or dad struggling to adjust to parenthood.  Or perhaps your own parents are at a stage in life where they need your support and care.  You could also be in the situation where you are sandwiched between two generations with your children and parents living under one roof.   As a next step, you will crystalize your values. This important step allows you align them with your choices.  We will work together to create a life where you are happy and better able to juggle your priorities.  We will also create goals to ensure that you continue to grow in the areas of your life that may have been overlooked.

Newly Promoted

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You just got the nod…it’s official, you got the promotion.  Now what?  You worked hard to get here, so slowing down and working with a coach will help you identify and do the right things and avoid doing things you shouldn’t. We will work together to create a few lists…one of things to do, and one of things to NOT do. 

We will also work together to develop one of the most important skills of leadership, listening.  Listening at deep levels will serve you well in your leadership journey.  You’ll learn to pay attention to critical non-verbal cues as well as what is NOT being said.  We’ll work on your influence as you build your own personal board of directors. Together, we will create goals that are relevant to your new role and help you grow as a leader through continuous learning.

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Stalled Career

You are lost or simply stuck in your job and no one will level with you and share the truth.  In this stalled career, you feel like you are on a dead end road.  However, you are resilient, having overcome other setbacks.

If you are ready to meet this challenge head on and conquer it, then a career coach is for you.  We will spend time looking at your saboteurs and self-limiting beliefs.  We may even interview some of the people you work with to get their insight.  Often times, they are willing to share your blind spots with a coach in service of helping you. We will create a plan of action with concrete steps that will put you in a position to get back on track.

Work-Life Integration

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You are struggling with the balance between your responsibilities at work and at home.  Even though you are giving it everything you’ve got, it’s sucking the life out of you.  First of all, you have unhealthy boundaries with your cell phone.  You’re exhausted and notice there is growing distance between you and the ones you love.  You are not engaging in things that you enjoy.  In short, you are experiencing burnout and possibly on the road to depression.  If this describes you, we will work together to find a way to bring more happiness and joy to your work and life. Most importantly, we will create healthy boundaries and establish work-life integration goals so you get back on track.