4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

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In my executive coaching practice, I hear more about confidence than any other topic. You’d be surprised how many high performing people struggle with feeling confident ALL the time. For that reason, today we are going to take a look at 4 easy ways to boost your confidence.

These proven methods, which we’ll explore more in depth below, have stood the test of time:

  1. Journal daily
  2. Practice & visualization
  3. Surround yourself with positivity
  4. Take care of your body

Journal Daily

Daily journaling will improve your confidence and boost your mood.

The first way to boost your confidence is to journal every day. I’ve written about the power of using a tool such as The Five-Minute Journal before. I am a big proponent of this because it works! When you positively acknowledge yourself, you are rewiring your brain. When you change your thoughts, you can actually change your physiology which includes even your heart rate and blood pressure. If you want more confidence, you can train your brain to be that way.  Writing down daily acknowledgements is literally a way of creating your own reality. I learned this myself firsthand  a few years ago when I began writing down a series of daily acknowledgements that included:

  • I am confident.
  • I am approachable.
  • I am resilient.

Within a few months of writing this down, a fellow business owner complimented me on being confident and approachable with no prompting! It was an a-ha moment. Your thoughts shape your reality.

World class athletes practice visualization. They imagine what is like at each part of the race.

Practice & Visualization

Secondly, confidence comes from practice and visualization. World-class athletes know this. They train to win. In addition to regular physical exercise, their coaches have them do mental exercises by using their imagination. For a marathon or long distance runner, a coach may say, “Imagine yourself walking out onto the course and standing alongside other runners at the starting line. Imagine what it feels like as you pass your fellow runners. What does it feel like when you break through the finish line first?” In summary, they ask them to think about succeeding and to imagine what victory will feel like. Why does this work? Research shows that the brain cannot always tell the difference between a memory and a vision of the future. Therefore, if you imagine success, it’s easier for you to create it.

In addition to visualization, you also need to practice.  Think about the last big talk you had to give. Did you prepare for it or just wing it? I’m hoping you prepared. If you didn’t, take it as a lesson learned. Practice improves performance. If you are giving a big talk, give it to your significant other or even to your kids. Get their feedback. If you don’t have a partner or children, record yourself or say it in front of a mirror. This will help you be ready when it’s go time.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

A third way you can boost your confidence is by surrounding yourself with positivity. This seems obvious, but it’s a fundamental that many overlook.

How exactly do you do this? First, you need to do an inventory of where you have both positivity and negativity in your life. Once you have taken stock, you must commit to getting rid of the negativity. This might mean spending less time with certain people. It might mean finding new friends. It might mean changing the music you listen to, the books you are reading and even how you are spending your time.  It might mean that you talk to certain people less on the phone.

I realize this may be more difficult for some, especially if their spouse/significant other is negative. However, I’m guessing you already know that having a negative partner is not serving you long term, so call them out on it. Let them know what you are trying to do and why you are trying to do it. Enlist their help. They may not even realize that they are bringing you down. At least give them the opportunity to be helpful before you go making any life altering decisions.

Take Care of Your Body

Finally, the fourth way to boost your confidence is to take care of your body. Confidence comes from how we feel about ourselves. So, how do you feel about yourself? Right now I want to ask you to stop reading and take out a piece of paper or your phone. Write down or type 5 words that describe how you feel about your body. 

What did you learn from this short exercise?  If you didn’t like what you read and realize that there is room for improvement, I suggest you start with taking a deeper look by answering these questions:

  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Do I eat reasonably healthy?
  • Am I moving enough? Do I exercise at least 3 times a week?

If you find yourself lacking in any of these 3 areas, this is a great place to start. You don’t have to make radical changes, but you do need to set yourself up for success. It’s amazing how well you perform when you feel good in your body. Don’t kid yourself, confidence IS impacted by how well we take care of ourselves.

Summary & Next Steps

If you are struggling with confidence, you are not alone. If we are honest, we all suffer from a lack of confidence from time to time. The trick is to simply start moving forward in a way that helps us become a confident person for the long term.  If you find that you need help moving forward in a positive direction, let’s talk. Schedule an exploratory call with me today.

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